Welcome to WestGate Technology Park

A hub for ideas and activity

Poised for significant growth, WestGate is strategically located on over 750 acres near I-69 and US-231, and adjacent to NSA Crane, the third-largest naval installation in the world and a major catalyst for technology development.

Who is USTF?

The Uplands Science and Technology Foundation was created to help WestGate Technology Park become an innovation community for the Indiana Uplands. The 2021 Master Plan for WestGate articulates a unique value proposition that embraces WestGate’s serene, natural setting while boldly driving technology advancement and innovation.

USTF is shaping WestGate into a place for the future.
The USTF is growing the Indiana Uplands innovation ecosystem, by ensuring that WestGate is a place where learning opportunities, dynamic partnerships, and new ideas thrive.

USTF is fostering an innovation community in a rural setting.
Rising out of the lush Indiana Uplands landscape, WestGate is a place for all to come and be inspired.

Group outside examining tech prototype

USTF is creating a live, work, play community at WestGate.
Already home to more than 50 companies, including both Fortune 500 firms and tech startups, we are planning a future where people come to WestGate not just to work, but also to dine, shop, recreate, and live.

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