Amenities and Assets

The USTF works closely with our partners in Daviess, Greene and Martin Counties and the Uplands region to ensure that the park has the infrastructure and amenities needed for growth. Since its inception, over $40 million has been invested in WestGate’s infrastructure. The park currently has a dedicated water tower, electrical substation, and wastewater treatment plant. Smithville Fiber provides 100 Gigabit internet service to the park.

WestGate Academy is the center of collaboration and networking in the park. This 64,000 SF facility hosts conferences, education and training, and startup support programs. The Lock and Key coworking space is also located in the Academy. And IN3’s CyPhy Lab offers unique capabilities such as an electronics test and integration bay, sensor integration bay, additive manufacturing and machine shop, and modeling and simulation workspace. The CyPhy Lab also offers connectivity to I-Light, the State of Indiana’s research network, and to Indiana University’s Big Red 200, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

WestGate is also home to the Battery Innovation Center, a 36,000 square foot facility dedicated to testing, training, and commercialization. And in 2019, WestGate welcomed its first hotel:     a 72 room Mainstay Suites and Sleep Inn.